HG Emporia, KS- Wins Practice of the Month

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Practice of the Month It is not uncommon to hear words like, “Hearing Group Emporia not only gave me back my Hearing but have also changed my life”, or “Hearing Group people are wonderful. Sooo helpful! They want you happy or their not happy”, or “I was impressed with their knowledge, sense of professionalism”. These are just a few of the comments people are making about the Hearing Group team in Emporia via Google. Gevan Stover is leading the charge with his Patient Care Coordinator Justine Sandstrom at his side to help as many people hear the very best they can….

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Which Hearing Aid is Best for You?

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Which hearing aid is right for you?  Deciding on a hearing aid technology in today’s market is harder than ever.   Who knew there would be so many manufacturers and then different technology levels inside each of them?  That is not to mention all the different models they come in as well.  With so many choices how do you decide which hearing aid is best for you? To begin with, there are several factors that play into your decision.  Three of the most important factors to consider is your hearing loss, style of hearing aid, and your lifestyle.  They will…

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Hearing Group opens office in Stillwater, OK

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Great news for residents in Stillwater, OK. Hearing Group, under the direction of Ryian Crenshaw, is launching a new Oklahoma location.  Hearing Group’s primary focus will be finding hearing solutions for the hearing-impaired individuals in the Stillwater and surrounding communities.   As part of their Grand Opening Event, Hearing Group of Stillwater is participating in the Test Drive program, an initiative launched to help people hear what better is like before they purchase. This allows patients to wear the hearing aids in their home environment.  This event will take place November 13th-15th 2017. Your hearing is important Sounds are an…

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Will Hearing Aids work for me?

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The ability to hear properly is something many people take for granted, but for those with hearing problems, it is a very important part of their overall health. The inability to hear can actually be dangerous for those with significant impairment when they are driving, walking across roadways or even at work. Just as we depend on vision to see what is ahead, we need our hearing to determine what else is occurring around us. The real truth about impaired hearing is that many people have a diminished capacity and do not necessarily realize it until they undergo a hearing…

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West Wichita Hearing Group Wins Award

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Helping people reconnect to life through better hearing is a love and specialty of Hearing Group.  Some have said that they are becoming innovators in the hearing instrument market in their local areas. They have assembled a group of hearing professionals that take the time to understand the needs of the patient, in order to help them hear the very best they possibly can. Every month Hearing Group selects a practice and/or hearing professional that is worthy of their Practice of the Month Award.  This award comes with great honor, as it is only awarded to the practice that has…

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Hearing Group gets recommendation from Sonic

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Joseph A. Lugara President and Chief Operating Officer Sonic, Inc. 2501 Cottontail Lane Somerset, NJ 08873   Joe Lugara joined Sonic, Inc. as Global President and Chief Operating Officer on November 10, 2010. During his time with the company, he has established Sonic as one of the fastest growing brands in the hearing aid industry. In his role as President & COO, Joe is responsible for business execution, financial results, operational performance, and the overall development and growth strategy for Sonic. Joe has been involved in all aspects of the hearing aid industry for 40 years and has worked with…

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Hearing Group Named Wichita’s Best Hearing Aid Clinic

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Winning a prestigious award like the Wichita Eagle Readers’ Choice Award is quite the accomplishment, but to do it in less than 3 years is exceptional. After talking with the founders of Hearing Group, Jesse and Amy Hidalgo, it came became clear to me why Wichita voted Hearing Group the Winner of the 2017 Wichita Eagle Readers’ Choice Award for Best Hearing Aid Clinic. With their strongly followed motto, “Patients come first. No matter what they ALWAYS come first,” there is no doubt the Hidalgos have a level of dedication to helping their customers that is not often seen in…

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Unitron Moxi Fit R, now Stylish and Rechargeable

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The time has come for a truly revolutionary rechargeable solution. Moxi Fit R is the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing instrument, bringing ultimate flexibility to the award-winning design. And because sometimes life requires a backup plan, patients can swap the rechargeable battery cells with traditional zinc-air batteries at any time, so they never miss a conversation. This fully featured hearing instrument is the simplest to use, featuring a telecoil and push button for ultimate control.  It doesn’t get any easier than that. Moxi Fit R is available on Tempus, our new platform that is the best in conversations. It wraps rechargeable…

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Oticon “Opn” is now Rechargeable!

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Hearing Group is proud to announce, the release of the Oticon “Opn” hearing instrument into a rechargeable hearing solution.  Along with it already being iPhone compatible for patients.  This remarkable technology offers great understanding in noisy environments.  Coupled with rechargeable and iPhone connectivity makes this an excellent choice for the patient that is looking for the ultimate hearing experience. Make sure you contact one of our manyHearing Group locations to learn more, test drive it and hear it for yourself.

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How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

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The cost versus the benefit it will give you is always on everyones mind.  The cost range of hearing aids is as wide as the products available. What will suit you depends on the extent of your hearing loss, the style you prefer, and the technology it features. Cost also varies depending on the brand and provider. Newer models rely on more advanced forms of technology for optimal hearing and such improvements come at a cost. As a consumer, you will need to decide what instrument you want based on your own very individual needs, circumstances and of course on…

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